About Us

Leslie has a BS degree in Animal and Dairy Science from Clemson University and a Masters in Reproductive Physiology (Animal Science) from Auburn University.  Leslie has been operating a private kennel and competing and training Border collies since 1985.

She trained for the public for over 20 years and opened the boarding and grooming kennel in 2000. We have had sheep since 1987 and Leslie has continued to build the flock and improve the genetics year after year.

Dan is a boarded Veterinary Pathologist and Cattle Technical Services Veterinarian for Pfizer Animal Health, currently residing in Auburn AL.  He and Leslie are committed to the health management of the operation, keeping the dog and livestock resources in top health.

We have 3 children.  Matthew and his wife Natalie live in Philadelphia, MS.  Lauren and Forrest are in Auburn, AL both pursuing degrees in the area of Biological Science.

Dog Boarding and Dog Kennels

We no longer offer dog boarding or kenneling. We are sorry for the inconvenience.